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Hunting, Bear Although Not  Popular Among Bipeds, Most Bears Enjoy a Good Acorn Fest

Bear hunting is popular in many parts of Canada. Guides, tour operators and hunters themselves can choose to be a part of the movement towards conservation.

After all, many guiding outfitters depend on a healthy bear population remaining in their region. This can only be accomplished in the long term by ethical stewardship of the land and its resources. A positive reciprocal relationship needs to exist among all people who view, use or harvest in the wild lands of Canada.

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  • Goose Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
    We offer spring and fall bear hunts in our wilderness camps.
    Box 68W Ear Falls ON P0V 1T0
    (807) 222-3313 or 800-667-5208

  • Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Association [Website | Summary]
    Enjoy some of Ontario's finest black bear hunting.
    P.O. Box 647W Kenora ON P9N 3X6
    807-468-5853 or 1-800-665-7567

  • Pine Ridge Resort [Website]
    Box 27 Smeaton SK S0J 2J0
    306-426-2123 or 1-866-657-0664

  • Levi Palituq Outfitting [Website]
    General Delivery Clyde River NT 807-924-6514

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