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Angling, Crappie The white meat of these fish is simply tasty. The best baits to angle with are livebaits but they also strike surface flies, jigs, tiny crankbaits and spinners. Black Crappies thrive in clear but weedy lakes. They are also known to inhabit slow-moving rivers as long as the waters or not too murky. White Crappies also thrive in lakes but they are much more tolerant of murky waters than their black brothers.
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  • Tomahawk Resort [Website | Summary]
    Crappie are found in several Bays on Lake of the Woods. Fun to catch when you find them actively feeding. Use a tear drop jig with a small minnow or twister tail - trolling with a small beetle spin works to find schools.
    Box 29 Sioux Narrows ON P0X 1N0
    807-226-5622 or 800-465-1091

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